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90 Days Alcohol Free

Jul 17, 2019

Tomorrow I am 90 days alcohol-free! I was a party girl ever since I was a teenager, so quitting drinking wasn’t easy - it was actually quite hard in the beginning. I wasn’t sure what my life would look like without a glass of wine with dinner, I was afraid my social life would change, and I wasn’t sure what I’d do with all my free time I used to spend partying. But I decided it was time to do it.

The first ten days were a struggle. But after that, I saw how one small habit change created a positive ripple effect through my life. After quitting alcohol, I learned to cook, I became a vegetarian and I joined a choir. I became a reader again. I started taking classes at the gym that I was too intimidated to try before (like pump which I’ve now found I love.) I became more committed to and passionate about my yoga practice. I attempted to quit caffeine (though I ultimately couldn’t kick the coffee habit fully - I did reduce it dramatically.)

I am SO much happier. I quickly came to the realization that my passion in life is yoga, health and wellness. Now that I’ve found a version of balance that works for me, I want to share bits of that with others. So I got my Reiki certification, on Friday I will start my Barre instructor certification, and next week I’ll be on another advanced yoga teacher training. I’m learning to instruct spinning classes. I want to become a life coach. My dream is one day to make a move to work in wellness full time. Quitting drinking gave me the clarity, inspiration and motivation to do this.

I did this all on my own, but I couldn’t have done it without two things - the love from some wonderful family and friends and the Facebook group @oneyearnobeer . If you’re interested in quitting or taking a break from drinking too - I highly recommend looking into this. It changed my life.

Originally the goal was 28 days. Then the goal was 90 days. Now it’s 365 days. People always ask me when I’ll have my first drink again and the truth is, I’d love a beer from time to time but I hope I never will. For over ten years drinking took so much of my time, energy and money...I’m over it! Life is so much fuller, sweeter and better sober.

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