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Community Interview #5: Sarah

Meet Sarah. Our community member in the UAE. Sarah was one of the many sober friends we gain this month for Dry January - 30 day challenge. Her yoga practice was put on hold when she moved to Dubai. Fortunately, Alex and Sarah connected through social media and the thought of being alcohol-free with developing a daily yoga practice that would benefit her mentally and physically spoke to her. Thus, she quickly join Sober Girls Yoga and the MLPC.

Sarah enjoys taking classes that are centering, relaxing and restorative. I had the chance to ask her the Community Interview questions as a way to welcome her to our community and get to know her better, here’s her answers...

Hi Sarah! Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who is Sarah?

Sarah: I am living in Dubai, 50 years old and realising that I need to take better care of myself.

What inspired you to start practicing yoga?

Sarah: I found Alex on Tiktok initially and thought it sounds like a great idea to combine yoga with being AF.

Have you ever had any experience with yoga before joining the MLPC?

Sarah: I used to practice daily (flow, yin and hot) but then moved to Dubai and it fell by the wayside.

What’s your connection to the MLPC?

Sarah: Alex and I connected on Instagram and she introduced me to the SGY program

How did you end up being so committed to yoga?

Sarah: I still like a novice as it’s been so long since I was regularly practising. I am a bit older and have gained some weight since, so I am enjoying these classes as I can take them at my own pace.

Did you face any challenges during the month of January?

Sarah: I am committed to being alcohol free for as long as I can, I have decided not to put a label on the date, I will last longer than 30 days and hope to continue. I have an injury which has hindered my yoga progress but i am looking forward to continuing this journey past January anyway.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve reaped from your yoga practice?

Sarah: I am a cyclist so I know that it is going to help with my hamstring and hips. I have enjoyed dining peace and being at one with myself. I particular love YIN classes.

What’s your favorite posture?

Sarah: I love waterfall in Yin, and also in vinyasa like to test my balance with Tree pose.

What is your favorite type(s) of yoga? And why?

Sarah: Yin, I love the deep stretching and relaxation aspect, it’s always been my favourite class.

Any words of wisdom to those just starting out?

Sarah: Just go with the flow... take it at your own pace, do not worry if your poses can’t be held for long or your feel tight, regular practice will help and make the most of finding the time to be in your own space.


Thank you Sarah and welcome to our community! Gratitude for stopping by, if you enjoyed this interview leave a comment or a question in the comments section below.

Visit this page to learn more about our SGY 30 day challenge. Stay connected with us and follow the MLPC across social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & YouTube!

Until next time, may you all be safe, happy, healthy, and free.


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