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How does Zoom yoga work?

Pre Covid, many people worked out and held meetings online. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts - these are all terms that are not new, by any means. But nobody could have predicted the extent to which these online tools would become such an integral part of everyone's lives. Zoom is now a word in pretty much everyone's vocabulary! So many of us, from retired grandmothers to teenage school kids, to the property Professional or school teacher, use Zoom in our everyday life. People who took exercise classes on Zoom during Covid recognised what a lifeline this technology could be. And, post-lockdown, we don't want to go back! There are so many benefits to working out and connecting on Zoom, in fact, that here at The Mindful Life Practice we built our entire business around it!

Here we explain what Zoom yoga is, how it works, what benefits it brings, and what to expect when you jump on a Zoom yoga session!
Screenshot of zoom yoga
Zoom yoga is super convenient and has so many benefits!

OK so maybe not everyone is familiar! Zoom - what actually is it?

Don't worry if you are one of the people who hasn't caught on to Zoom yet. We have got you covered! It's really simple, Zoom is a video conferencing tool. That means you can 'meet' online, on a smart phone or a laptop or a desktop or an iPad, using video and audio. You can meet one to one, or in groups. So as a tool, it's really helpful for business and leisure - and for keeping up with family too. During lockdown it got really popular, for obvious reasons. For people who worked out, including those who did yoga, it became a great way to connect and practise together. In fact it was how the Mindful Life Practice was born! If you Google Zoom, you can sign up for an account for free. You only need to pay if you intend to use it to host meetings with many participants yourself.

How do Zoom yoga sessions work?

All of our yoga sessions are on Zoom. You create an account on this website. Then you can book a class on the Live Schedule. An email is sent to you with the Zoom link to use when the class time comes. It's that simple. Arrive 5 minutes before. You will either see a screen that says The Host Hasn't Started This Meeting Yet. Or You Will Be Let In Soon. The first one means the host hasn't logged in yet - and the latter means you are in a waiting room. At the time of the class you will be let in. There will most likely be others there too. You are free to have your camera and audio on or off so you can chat or not, prior to the class. When class begins, everyone is muted and some classes are recorded - don't worry, this is just the teacher that is being recorded, not you! You can add comments in the chat. Or if you are in sharing circle, these are never recorded (apart from the yoga part if there is one). You are also invited in these to share, and you do that by un-muting yourself with a button. Don't worry, this all sounds like a lot but it's simple and the teacher will be so happy to help. At the end of class, simply say bye if you want to and click Leave Meeting.

Alex hosting a Zoom yoga class
Zoom yoga is super simple once you get the hang of it

Yoga on Zoom is so convenient

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well this is so true in the case of Zoom yoga. Who knew that it would be arguably even better than yoga in real life? It is so convenient to roll out of bed, grab a quick coffee and get to the early morning 6am class when it's from home! Same with evening yoga. Who wants to go out into the cold and dark, to trek or drive to a class in the night time when you can wear your PJs, and practise in the warmth of your home, by the fire or the radiator! These are major factors that make it super easy to create a regular practise. Most people in our community cite convenience as the biggest benefit to Zoom online yoga.

Who knew Zoom yoga would be more social and connected!?

Not only that, but in real life, class can be scary and awkward. Do we speak to the girl on the next mat? Or just check our phones? Not so with Zoom yoga. Everyone feels more at ease. They are home, so they feel safe and less awkward - as they see the same faces every day in the community! And even if they don't want to talk, they don't have to. Everyone has off days, and sometimes it's nice to have the camera off and just be on your own.

Zoom yoga lady practising
Yoga on Zoom - take us wherever you go and never miss a practise

Yoga on Zoom is a safe space

Online yoga is a very safe space for people. If they do want to not be approached, or they feel agoraphobic, they can still fee connected, but in a safe way. They don't have to feel self-conscious of their bodies or their skill level, which is a big concern when you are getting started. It's scary to go to a new class for anyone. So this is a huge factor. This way, on Zoom, they don't feel like people are watching or judging them. People can just do their thing, camera on or off! It aids mindfulness and decreases the likelihood of distraction.

Got kids? Or dependant relatives? Pets that you can't leave? Zoom yoga is for you

We often have people doing classes with toddlers running around and furry friends too. It's tricky to get childcare or support to cover you - especially if you want to practise daily. Why should this stop you working and chilling out (yoga is both!)? Not only will you feel less stressed as it really doesn't matter if you get interrupted but you won't have to pay for extra help so you can get to a class and not have to incur extra costs.

Our Zoom yoga is here for everybody, everywhere

There is pretty much something on at all times. So no matter if you can't sleep or if your flight just got in and you are still awake in the hotel room... we have got you! What's so great is our community takes us with them wherever they go! On holiday, working away, even at the office, during their lunch hour! And with all the different time zones, there is always someone to practise with, online. Talk about an amazing tool for your own health and happiness. Literally we are with you 24/7, on your pocket! How awesome is that?

At the Mindful Life Practice, you must not worry about 'not being good enough' to try yoga. We have all abilities, all ages, all time zones, and all types of people joining us. We embody true yoga as we are totally inclusive and accessible to all. From those with zero experience, to seasoned yoga teachers, all classes are suitable for all levels. Mindful Flow 2 and Empower Yoga are the only intermediate classes, but a beginner could still do them if they are careful and we advise telling the teacher that this is your first time, just so they can give you extra attention and care.

Try Zoom yoga with us!

Zoom yoga is an incredible addition to your health and happiness toolkit. Whatever your age, fitness level, stage of life - we think you are going to love it!

Check out the live yoga schedule here to sample Zoom yoga - many classes are FREE. Everyone is welcome to the sober curious sessions, but we have non sober sessions, too.

Why not set up an orientation call with someone to help you get aquatinted to the App and the booking process? That way you will feel more at ease.

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