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Inspiring Story #1: Lisa Ryan in Brisbane, Australia

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

“My life before I quit drinking was unhappy. While I had a good marriage (married to my best friend), usually had interesting jobs, and a small circle of friends, deep down I was traumatized by issues from my childhood.

I’ve been alcohol free for seven years, but it’s really only since I did Sober Coach training that I understood about disregulated nervous systems, grounding, listening to my body. A lot of things started to fall into place. I realized how regulating my own nervous system could have saved me a lot of heartache. This led to my coaching niche being developed to include those in the wellness industry.

This was when I met Alex. I started Sober Curious Yoga with The MLPC because I have a problematic lower back due to scoliosis and issues with my knees. But I have discovered how important it is for regulating my nervous system; grounding and centring my ruminating mind. A regular yoga practice has made a huge difference to my mindset.

I initially started with one yoga class a week, however, I have loved the community so much, my aim is to give back and be a sober curious coach in the MLPC. To this end, I have joined the latest SCY YTT course, which is terrific. I am learning so much and love meeting up with my group members each Sunday evening. I’m adding another valuable “string to my bow” with Alex’s training.

There is a clarity of mind, of stillness that comes from yoga practice. I under-appreciated this when I was younger. Pity, because I think it would have calmed me, slowed my ruminating mind and perhaps I would have dealt with my issues in a different way than reaching for alcohol to numb and avoid. I would have been more grounded. Yoga puts you in touch with your inner self, a one-ness, of coming home, that I am enough, an inner place where I can just be me. I’m glad I have found yoga now though. The other times I tried it I was drinking and I couldn’t sit still long enough to appreciate it. Alcohol only inflamed my anxiety issues and my busy mind. I now see that alcohol impeded this journey. Now I’m fully present and can appreciate the stillness so much more.”

-Lisa Ryan, Brisbane, Australia

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