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Inspiring Story #3: Amber Ham in Bahrain

I started drinking in my teens- to fit in, have a good laugh, and connect with people. For many years, I had tried to stop drinking but didn’t ever really have a good enough reason to quit for good. I was your typical party person and always up for a drink. At the start of the Pandemic, I found myself looking to drink so that I could have a reason to meet up with people online. Then in May, my body began to give out on me. Several painful weeks later, I was diagnosed with arthritis, told that I was in a flare, and that I could drink, but that I would need to limit it to two drinks per week in order to keep my body from becoming toxic. I knew myself well enough that that was going to be impossible. The only possible solution was to stop drinking. Initially I thought I’d go for 90 days. That turned into 100 days and before I knew it, I was a year sober.

30 days after I quit, I found Alex and the MLPC on IG. I had done plenty of research to know that in order to become sober in the healthiest manner, I’d need community. So, I signed up for the 30 Day challenge and began joining the circles. My body was still in a flare, so it was frustrating to not be able to move like I once could. I thought I’d never get back to “normal”. The sober community was there through it all and was always a guide, anchor or friend. Replacing alcohol with yoga, mindfulness, and community was the best decision I have made. Not drinking has been easy for me. I was ready to be done. I was ready to reveal my best self. And I was ready for a change. The Universe may have thrown me a curve ball, but what it opened me to: sitting with discomfort, feeling my emotions, treating my body with kindness, guiding my spirituality, connecting with humans…well, that’s brought me to today where I can genuinely say that I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin or proud of who I am. Today, I’m flare-free, grounded, and still doing the work. I never made it back to normal because normal isn't where I am supposed to be. I did this but not without the love and support of my friends, family and the MLPC.

#sober #soberyoga #themindfullifepractice #MLPC #yoga #alcoholfree #mindful

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