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Letting Go In Order to Receive - An All Levels Hatha Flow Yoga Practice

Dec 21, 2019

Join me in a 40-minute hatha flow yoga practice called, "Letting Go In Order to Receive" by signing up as a member to my website at

It is our tendency as human beings to want to hold on to things rather than to let go of them. When we let go of things we no longer need or no longer serve us - we might be afraid because we don’t know what we will receive in return - but what we can receive from letting go can be beautiful, if we open our minds to it. In the Yoga Sutras this process is defined as “Vairagya” which can be translated as “renunciation” or letting go. Join me for a 40-minute yoga practice centred around this theme, “Letting go in order to receive.” We will move through asana postures with the intention of letting go: letting go of effort in order to find ease and letting go of movement in order to receive stillness.

To sign up for my online yoga classes, register as a site member at:

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