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Have you been spreading the word about yoga? Does your membership not include the archived classes on the app? Do you want just a little teaser of what the classes are like in our wonderful community?

Thanks to our archiving genius Yasir, select classes have been uploaded onto YouTube. Whether you’re looking for a quick, gentle flow, a mindful meditation practice or something a little more challenging and heart-pumping, MLP has a class with your name on it, easily accessible, free of charge. Feel free to share this with your family and friends!

Class of the Moment: Yin Yoga

Beginning of the week doldrums bringing you down? Set aside an hour that's purely for you with some Yin!

Yin yoga is slow. It is an introspective practice in stillness and patience. We will hold seated and supine postures for a long duration of time, getting a deep stretch for the tissues and releasing tension from the body. We will also tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing us to slow down and become more resilient to stress. After the stillness of our yin practice, we'll finish with a meditation before a savasana. You'll leave feeling calmer, balanced and restored.

The featured class is from Alex's birthday, where she walked us through the theme of feeling connected. We recommend lighting your favorite candles, grabbing a cozy blanket and a couple of pillows, and dimming the lights, if possible. Get cozy!

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