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Community Interview #6: Alexandra

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Meet Alexandra. Our long time friend and community member. Back in March 2020, the world was closing down due to Covid-19 pandemic and Alex brought us all together via Zoom to reconnect for a virtual vinyasa class. Alexandra (never Alex) was one of the very first people to join Alex in her adventure when she finally started the MLPC.

When Alex was at her old gym teaching yoga part time, she was given a very late time slot to teach an evening yin yoga class. Being a first grade teacher at the time, this class took a very big chunk of her Tuesday nights having to commute to and from the gym. However, because of the class Alex was able to forme good friendships with a lot of her students who eventually came to be a vital part of the MLPC’s beginnings. Alexandra was one of them.

Alexandra joined our very first 30 Day Challenge in April. Back when taking 3 classes back to back was the norm, because what else would you be doing in quarantine? She was also part of the early risers for 6:00am morning Sunshine Vinyasa and Power Vinyasa classes. Unfortunately, she had to move from Abu Dhabi to Greece and her practice was put to the side. A few months have gone by, and you should have seen the delighted shock on our faces when her little Zoom square popped in again for Saturday morning Power Vinyasa.

I sent Alexandra the interview questions awhile ago when she was crowned the All-Stars title (a badge for members who finish the 30 Day Challenge) but life happened. After the muddy water finally cleared, we were over the moon happy to receive her answers.

So, without any further ado here’s our dear friend and this week star answers...

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who is Alexandra?

Alexandra: Hello everyone! I'm half Greek/ half English and I used to live in Abu Dhabi for several years, this is were I met my yoga instructor and friend Alex, and became a member of the MLPC. I love travelling, love spending quality time with my family, I enjoy baking and cooking, I love been outdoors and running :) 

What inspired you to start practicing yoga?

Alexandra: At a young age I started yoga and pilates with my mum, then I drifted way, found yoga again at university and drifted away again, and once I moved to Abu Dhabi I gradually started practicing yoga again, till 2019 I was really into it, had some lovely instructors, and in 2020 yoga became part of my life.

Have you ever had any experience with yoga before joining the MLPC?

Alexandra: Yes, I was a member at a wellness fitness centre prior to the pandemic, and had practiced over the years in different studios.

What’s your connection to the MLPC?

Alexandra: It all started with Alex, who posted “would anyone be interested in a virtual yoga session” (or something like that), back in March 2020.

I had stopped attending my yoga classes due to the pandemic.

Then, Alex offered to virtually give yoga sessions! She was a life saver :) 

How did you end up being so committed to yoga?

Alexandra: I would normally practice yoga 3 times a week, plus my daily running routine and any other fitness class I might of been attending. I was due to run a marathon (which was bound to be cancelled), so it meant that I needed to keep myself devoted to something! During those days I was totally on my own, and having to challenge myself for practice yoga every single day was something exciting! I was staying active, I was meeting likeminded people and became part of a community. 

Did you face any challenges during the month of December?

Alexandra: Hmm....what kind of challenges? Such as a 30 day yoga challenge? Nope, I hadn’t attended any yoga class since October, till I read a post for the half price for the month of December. I was fortunate enough that Alex was able to provide me with the discount, and then I attended those few yoga sessions. The “challenge” was trying to fit my full work schedule with my yoga, during the lockdown here in Greece, while I had only just moved in my new apartment.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve reaped from your yoga practice?

Alexandra: Staying calm, and going with the flow of life. 

(Plus I had a smoking figure when I practiced 1-2 sessions per day, while doing my running!!) 

What’s your favorite posture?

Alexandra: I would say 

dancer pose 

Utkatasana (half?) the one with the opposite leg on the opposite knee 

Eagle pose 

Tree pose

Side crow

Swan pose 


Hehehe !! I’ll let you choose :) I have so many more I want to write!! 

What’s your most difficult posture?

Alexandra: Oh....!! I don’t know, I suppose one that I haven’t yet accomplished is fallen angel! 

What is your favorite type(s) of yoga? And why?

Alexandra: I would probably have to place YIN YOGA as The Number 1 ! 

It’s just sooo soo relaxing 😌, it’s everything that I need., to ground myself into the present moment.

I would then go to barre yoga?? Does that count? 

I like many types, I suppose it depends on my mood 🙂

Any words of wisdom to those just starting out? 

Alexandra: Just go with the flow, follow the rhythm of the moves, even if you don’t get them right at the first time, listen to the “guidance” and perform the pose. Namaste 🙏🏼 


Thank you so much Alexandra!! We are so happy to have you back. We’ll always be here for our lovely community, because once an MLPC member always an MLPC member ✨🙏🏻❤️

To learn more about our 30 Day Challenge go this link. Show your love by leave a comment or a question in the comments section below.

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See you soon and until then, may you all be safe, happy, healthy, and free.


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