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Roll & Release

Roll & Release is back by popular demand. Are your hip and leg muscles tight from running or cycling? Do you have tight shoulders from working on the computer? This is the session for you.

We will use the foam roller to massage away tension in the muscles of the body and stretch them with complimentary yoga poses throughout. Experience a deep tissue massage without the price tag from the comfort and convenience of your home. Use the foam roller to recover, unwind, and relax tight muscles by joining Roll & Release session.

Massaging the muscles regularly aids in recovery. Tight muscles can lead to injury. Help your muscles maintain flexibility and improve your running experience by taking time to recover.

Join our yoga instructor Sara Wynne, a former runner, uses yoga and foam rolling to recover from her active lifestyle of cycling, swimming, strength training, and tennis. Book your class.

Bring your foam roller, for the body, and a pair of tennis balls in a sock, for the shoulders. Check out the blog posts below for advice on choosing the right foam roller for you and how to get the most from it.

Need a foam roller? Read this blog for guidance.

How to have a good foam rolling experience:


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