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Sutra 1.19 & 1.20

Sutra 1.19 refers to people who seem to be born into this world enlightened - such as Buddah and Krishna. (TBH though, I’m sure they encountered lots of obstacles on their path too.)

Sutra 1.20 refers to the rest of us - us common folk - who have to follow a very rigorous path to achieve samadhi.

I forgot that in the past few weeks. The month of March has been wildly busy for me. I hired a new Programs Manager in Bali who is absolutely phenomenal (Shout out to Putri!).

We have made huge strides together in the MLPC in less than a month, and have a lot of fun working together. But because I was so busy training Putri, and also filming so many yoga videos, I had a lot less free time - and a very limited ability to do my own personal yoga practice.

Isn’t it funny how when we directly drop our own practice, everything else drops as well? Any steps I’d taken towards samadhi, or spiritual absorption, disapearred and I suddenly started eating lots of delivery food, doing less yoga, and I stopped my daily yoga sutra blogs. (Ahh, let’s learn this lesson one more time, shall we? The lesson is - We must. Do. yoga.)

There are five things we have to practice to achieve samadhi (that I haven’t been doing lately 🤣) They are:

Faith (sraddha): this is trust that there is something beyond us as individuals.

Strength (virya). We must be committed, and put forward wholehearted effort.

Mindfulness (smriti). Bring in the now.

Insight (prajna): All our yoga practices - asana, pranayama, meditation - they all help us deepen knowledge until it becomes part of who we are.

Stillness of Mind (samadhi): this is the ultimate goal of yoga but its also something we have to continue to practice, each day.

Samadhi. It’s not going to happen for us unless we work hard. Aka - we can’t let it all slide (like I did over the past month).

I feel as though the universe keeps leading me to forget, so that I remember.

It does this so I can see clarity in contrast, and remember the truth.

We must practice.

This is yoga.

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