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Teacher Interview #16: Michelle

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Meet Michelle. Our new teacher on the schedule. Michelle joined us as one of the Sober Curious Yoga School student during the first course offered by our founder Alex.

“I met Alex when I signed up for the MLPC/SCY [30 hour] Yoga Teacher Training that began in May. I actually signed up for the Yoga Teacher Training just for my own benefit, I found that I had been spending far to much the last few years drinking and planning my life around various drinking events, and to me it was becoming excessive.”

After the course has ended she taught a free session on the platform and was one of the new addition to the schedule as part of our first Summer Season. With her beautiful way of teaching and welcoming smile, we thought to properly introduce her to the community with our teacher blog questions. She was nice enough to answer, here’s what she had to say...

Where in the world are you? Tell us more about yourself?

Michelle: I live in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, with my Husband Joe, and our 2 dogs, Capone an English Bulldog, and Tiny a Bichon Fris - Shi Tzu Cross. I have 2 sons, who are 26 and 20, and a 19 year old daughter, they are all "Grown Up" and live on their own :) Aside from being a Yoga Teacher I also have a corporate job as the Accounting Manager for a Fluid Hauling Company, and I am a Sculpture Artist, I create trees out of Copper Wire and Gem Stones.

How long have you been teaching yoga and what pushed you to become an instructor? When did you start practicing yoga (before you started teaching) and how did yoga change your life?

Michelle: I received my 200-hr YT Certification in December of 2016 and was lucky enough to start teaching a few weeks later at Love Yoga Grace, a studio in Red Deer. I started practicing yoga myself 20 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had been doing some pretty intense Cardio Weight Training for years but had some complications during the pregnancy that prevented me from participating in strenuous activity. My Mom bought be a "Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga" Video which I did daily throughout my pregnancy. Over the next 15 years I practiced off and an, but really returned to a daily yoga practice in 2014 after suffering some injuries playing Roller Derby, which is a very physical and aggressive sport. I took my first Studio Yoga Class in the fall of 2014 and it really changed my practice for me! Having a great Teacher that offered a variety of types of yoga, as well as really incorporating Pranayama into classes, really changed how I began to feel and move through life, mentally and physically, and I felt compelled to learn more and share the experience of Yoga with others <3

If you had to describe your teaching style, how would you? What is the intention you try to instill in your students?

Michelle: I would describe my teaching style I guess as fun and playful. I try not to take myself too seriously as a Yoga Teacher or as a Student in a class, and I like to encourage the same from students who join me in classes as well. I always want everyone to allow themselves to be curious, and be willing to challenge themselves without worrying about whether or not they can successfully execute a pose!

What is your favorite posture? Your least favorite posture?

Michelle: My absolute favorite is Downward Dog, pretty basic, but I love how my body feels in Down Dog now, and I remember how horrible it felt when I first started practicing!

My least favorite is Lotus, it makes me feel "STUCK"

“Having a great Teacher that offered a variety of types of yoga, as well as really incorporating Pranayama into classes, really changed how I began to feel and move through life, mentally and physically, and I felt compelled to learn more and share the experience of Yoga with others <3”

What is your favorite Mat? And why?

Michelle: I like mats that are really sticky, I go back and forth between my Jade Mat and my B Mat

Set the scene for your perfect practice - paint us a picture!

Michelle: Oh anywhere I can be free from outside distractions like phones, kids, pets. When I practice I really try to make it "MY TIME" and I don't want any interruptions!

What’s the biggest myth about yoga instructors? Set the record straight!

Michelle: I think the biggest myth I have heard is that we are all "Peace, Love, and Light" all the time, as though we aren't affected by real life events and emotions. We are only human beings like everyone else!

What was one of your most heartfelt moments in teaching?

Michelle: Honestly I think there has been so many! I love it when you can see the moment when a student "Gets It", That connection of the breath, the body, and the mind. That's when the practice changes for them :)

Any advice to newbies teachers/students? (And oldies?)

Michelle: [For new students] Don't worry it gets For new teachers specifically though, I remember how scary it was and that feeling of having no idea what you're doing, I always tell them not to worry, NO ONE else will have any idea you don't know what you are doing.

Where do you see yoga in the next five years?

Michelle: I can’t even imagine where yoga will be in the next 5 years! When I first started practicing a Yoga Studio in Alberta was quite hard to come by, it will be interesting to see how it evolves next!


Thank you Michelle for the great answers. Glad to get to know you more. Make sure you book for her Mindful Flow and Let Go (Summer Season) every Sunday at 8pm EST.

Thank you for checking out our blog. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.

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Until next time, may you all be safe, happy, healthy, and free.


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