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Yoga Sutra 1.1: Now, the teachings of yoga

As part of my 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, we are studying the yoga sutras in depth over the course of 2022. Today’s first Sutra Study was about Sutra 1.1: Atha yoga anushasanam: Now, the teachings of yoga. What does this mean? All yoga teachings begin and end in the now. This moment, right now, is all that there is.

Each week I invite my students to reflect on one sutra, what it means to us, and how it is integrated in our lives. The beautiful thing is I get to participate as well.

This week I had a powerful experience of the now. My phone number and data officially got cut off since my UAE residence visa expired. At first I just thought my signal wasn’t good because I live in the jungle… then I thought it was because I hadn’t paid my last payment so I paid and waited for it to restart…and it never restarted. It took me a few days to realize that this must be the reason it wasn’t restarted. It was cancelled. (Thanks for the notice 🤣😜)….

But in that time… I got space. I sat in the now with people around me. I had to find my own way home without data. One day I walked for an hour from yoga to my villa, testing my own navigation skills of Ubud. I found I actually loved slowing down, noticing the street around me, speaking to people I met - rather than capturing every moment for an Instagram story. I had to embrace the moment. I had to problem solve without things at the touch of my fingertips. I said to my friend today… I feel like this has happened for a reason - to teach me the power of the now.

Every time I got back to my phone I had approx. 173931818 notifications, which prompted me to reflect a lot on boundaries and organizational systems. And I made a really exciting decision tonight. Up until now my personal phone has also been my business phone. As of tomorrow, that changes. I get a personal phone and the only person who I’ll give my number to is my mom! 🤣 JK.

But im so excited to set up this boundary. Now I can leave my work phone locked up in my office and go out and enjoy the moment. ❤️✨🙏🏻 If I am a Yoga Teacher Educator I have to walk the walk. Not just talk the talk. 1.1 . Atha yoga anushasanam: Now, the teachings of yoga.

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