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Yoga Sutra 1.12: Practice and Letting Go

Sutras 1-1.11 are all about our types of thoughts and the importance of learning how to manage them. Sutra 1.12 is about two of the most important tools we need to have to do this work. 1. Practice (Abhyasa) and 2. Nonattachment (Vairagya).

We are called constantly to the darkside: junk food, gossip, social media, alcohol, drama, chaos.

We need to get away from this. But it’s sometimes easier said than done. So we need our two tools:

  1. Practice. We have to actually DO the things we’re talking about. Put into practice the yoga philosophy we’re learning. Quit drinking. Get on the yoga mat. Turn off the Social Media. Walk away from the gossip. Block the ex. Stop ordering so much takeaway food and actually cook.

  2. Letting Go. We need to release everything that’s holding us back. Everything that’s weighing us down. Every script. Every belief. Every story. Every limitation.

According to Pantanjali, these are the most important parts of spiritual practice: Practice and Letting Go.

This is how we do yoga.

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