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BONUS EPISODE - My Story with Bipolar - Interviewed by Sarah Williamson

In today's episode, I speak for the first time in depth about my story with bipolar disorder, interviewed by my friend Sarah Williamson. This week has been the first time I shared my story with bipolar disorder, and the reason why I've avoided speaking about this publicly is due to the stigma related to it.

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The reason why I have decided to start speaking about Bipolar Disorder is because my friend Khaled Bayad will be hosting a program called The Beautiful Mind Program which is designed to help you manage your bipolar disorder imbalance. Living with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder is not a curse. You can go on to be a highly successful, grounded, and achieving person, such as Khaled and I. We have both moved to Bali, no longer experience the symptoms that once debilitated us, and have become full time healers, helping others as well. You can learn more about the program here.

Sarah is the founder of Drink Less; Live Better, she is passionate about supporting people who’ve come to the conclusion that the amount they’re drinking is doing them more harm than good. She believes you don’t need to hit rock bottom to decide that change is both possible and joyful. Sarah is a certified sobriety coach focusing on the positive gains of choosing an alcohol free life and the connection between our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Sarah works online internationally delivering powerful and transformative 1:1 coaching programmes.

Sarah works in the magic space where doubt, hope and action meet - ready?

Drink Less; Live Better Podcast

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