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Getting Grounded in Sobriety with Mary Tilson

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

I'm super excited to have my friend Mary Tilson as a guest on the show this week! Me and Mary recorded this episode together at her studio in Bali.

Mary Tilson is a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, International Retreat Leader, and certified Addiction Recovery Coach, who has been sober since 2013. Having experienced the suffering caused by addiction firsthand, she is passionate about ending the stigma and supporting others to thrive in a holistic sober lifestyle.

Mary has hosted group retreats in pristine wilderness locations across the globe that have been featured in Yoga Journal, Women’s Health Aus and Compare Retreats, and has also been a wellness consultant and contributing writer for award-winning travel and wellness brands. She created Sun & Moon Sober Living in 2021 to provide resources, support and community for those who are sober and sober-curious. She is also the host of the Sun & Moon Sober Living Podcast.

In her free time, Mary loves traveling, scuba diving and spending time with her husband and cats at their home in Bali.

Listen here!

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You can find Mary on Instagram at: @marytilson and @sunandmoon.soberliving. Follow me on Instagram @alexmcrobs and check out my offerings in yoga, meditation and coaching at

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