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Seven Secrets to Staying Sober

In this episode, I bring you seven secrets to staying sober. Spoiler alert: they are the seven chakras!

In this episode I introduce you to the chakra system of yoga and explain the role it plays in our emotional sobriety. The chakras are a tool for mapping human development, kind of like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. We need to bring each chakra into balance to support our mental, physical and spiritual health. When our chakras aren't in balance, this is when we can turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol in order to manage and navigate our stress.

I love the chakra system so much that I've used it to structure all of my programs, including:

- the Sober Girls Yoga 30/60 Day Challenges

- the Sober Girls Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hour) and (30 Hour)

- and the book I wrote last year!

Join the Sober Girls Yoga Facebook group to connect with other sober women on your journey:

Listen here!

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