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Tasha Ackerman

I am a yoga teacher interested in community wellness, believing that through the practice of building awareness physically, mentally, and spiritually, our yoga practice benefits not only ourselves but the community around us as well. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US, and have been living internationally for the past three years and teaching in international schools in Colombia and Nigeria. Practicing yoga has always helped me connect to my community and stay centered (as well as destress from a chaotic day in the classroom!). After deciding to leave my last teaching job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I completed 200 hour YTT. I have been so grateful during this period to have been welcomed into the MLPCommunity and am so, so excited to be contributing now both as a teacher and student.

As a teacher, I like to approach my classes by taking the role of facilitator, with the goal of guiding students through their own journey towards self awareness. By flowing through and holding postures, we can explore themes that may be relevant to our lives both on and off the mat. I believe that we all grow through challenges, and encourage students to approach their practice with inquiry and patience.

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