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Free Classes

We offer free yoga classes and Sober Curious Circles with our team of volunteers from around the world!


All of our volunteers have graduated from either our 30 Hour Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training, 100 Hour Deep Dive Into Sober Yoga, or 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

If you click on each class on the calendar, you'll see in the description that there should be a Zoom Link. Click the link to join the class and you should be there!

The "Mindful" classes are open to anyone whereas the "Sober" classes are open to those who are on a sober journey.

If you have any questions about our offerings, don't hesitate to email us at:

The Mindful Life Practice Sober Circle Meeting Guidelines

In our Sober Curious Yoga Community Sessions, we create a safe place to discover and share our true selves. Meeting in our sessions, we find our voices, claim our power, and celebrate our self-worth, leading to personal and collective transformation.

Circle Rules:

  1. We will hold stories or personal material in confidentiality.

  2. We listen to each other non-judgementally, with compassion and curiosity.

  3. We only give advice if it is asked for.

  4. We pick up the talking stick, share what we need to share, and put it down - signalling the next person’s opportunity.

  5. We avoid interrupting.

  6. We agree to stay sitting throughout the session, in a place that is free from distractions and private.

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