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FREE CLASS - Rest & Digest with Leslie

Some of our MLP members right now are fasting due to Ramadan, and then they have a big lovely meal at the end of the day. Leslie made a free class video specifically with this in mind - slow and gentle movement to help you tap into the parasympathetic nervous system after eating. This can be a practice to help your body rest and digest anything you've just eaten.

Rest and Digest. In order for digestion to happen effectively, it’s important that we are in a calm and relaxed state. You may have heard before that our parasympathetic nervous system is referred to as our ‘rest and digest’ state and our sympathetic nervous system as our ‘fight or flight’ state. In this short and gentle practice, we will get things moving and relax at the same time, allowing for optimal digestion to occur. Ideal after having just eaten a meal (or even beforehand if you like). Enjoy!

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