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Get Your 2023 Vision Board

By Brenda Bruce

As we get ready for

the new year, we're getting all ready for our intentions as well.

Brenda was kind enough to share some tips for setting a vision board for 2023.

1. Creates a Vision of your Goals.

Creating a vision board can help you focus on what goals are important to you and what you want your energies to go towards.


Having a clear vision of your goals and checking them off one by one, will be motivating.

3.Nurtures our Soul.

As you begin to reach your goals, this will empower you to keep working towards the goals you’ve set. You’ll notice your mood will be lifted and your soul will feel rejuvenated.

4. Creates a Vision of your Goals.

When I am clear on my intentions, everything I do will be focused on achieving the goals I’ve set for myself. When creating a board you want to only include items that will bring you closer to the goals you have set. Being intentional will do that.

5. Success.

Once your board is completed, visit it often. Keep it in an area where you will see it regularly. This will keep you focused and determined to reach your goals.

Examples of Supplies for Workshop

1. Board

Poster board, cork board, canvas, journal, metal grid.

2. Adhesive

Depending on what type of board you use will determine how you attach your material to your board. Glue, tape, tacks, metal hooks etc.

3. Items to put on your board

Photos, cut outs from magazines, quotes, words, trinkets you’ve hung onto since you were young, and so much more. Choose the things that bring you joy and point you in the direction you want to go in. This is where you get to be creative.

Thank you Brenda for sharing! Join us January 7, 2023 to prepare your vision board for the new year with Brenda. This has become a new tradition and we usually sell out. Make sure to keep an eye on the schedule for more details.

This article was originally published in the January Issue of the Sober Girls Yoga Magazine. Click here to read the full magazine.

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