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Feel Your Soul Again

The Mindful Life Practice is your virtual soul center for live Zoom & On-Demand movement, mindfulness, community and coaching with yoga teachers from all over the world.


Create a calm, consistent, connected life - no matter where in the world your journey takes you.  

Find What Suits You



Join us for meditation, yoga, pilates and barre classes live on Zoom or in our On-Demand library of classes.

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Re-evaluate your relationship with booze and re-establish your relationship with yourself in a sober curious yoga 30 Day Challenge, or in a one-on-one coaching setting with Alex.

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Find a sense of belonging within our close and welcoming knit group. Our classes have maximum ten participants and we have a private community Whatsapp group where you can connect and bond with like-minded people. 

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Decompress and rejuvenate with us on one of our International retreats or yoga teacher trainings.

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Meet Alex 

Founder of the Mindful Life Practice and Sober Curious Yoga

Host of the Sober Yoga Girl Podcast

Canadian residing in Bali, Indonesia and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Alex is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, and Ontario Certified Teacher. Since a very young age, she was drawn to yoga as a way to calm her mind and manage an undiagnosed mood disorder. She began practicing yoga daily at the age of eighteen and completed her first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 at Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico. In 2017, she completed her 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Zuna Yoga in Bali. Since then, she has taught yoga internationally, in Canada, where she is from, Kuwait, where she lived for two years in her early twenties, and Abu Dhabi, where she's called home for five years. Alex has participated in several additional trainings, including Yoga Workshop Design for Teachers with Rolf Gates, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Yoga for Kids and Trauma Informed Yoga.


When Alex became sober in 2019, yoga played a key role in her sober journey. In 2020, Alex founded the Mindful Life Practice Community and Sober Curious Yoga, an online yoga community with participants from all over the world who are changing their relationship with alcohol using mindfulness techniques such as yoga, meditation, community and journalling. In 2021 Alex left her career as an elementary school teacher to pursue this passion full time. Alex is an authorized trainer with Yoga Teacher Central and leads 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings certified by the Yoga Alliance. She created the first ever Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training and also coaches and mentors yoga teachers and life coaches to build their businesses.


Alex is passionate about the healing powers of yoga - for both mental and physical health -  and sharing these benefits with others. Alex now splits her time between Bali, Indonesia and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In her free time, Alex plays the guitar, writes, and spends time with her cat, Princess. 

Meet Our Team

Cathy - Yoga Teacher - Bio Photo - Teacher Photo 2

Cathy Charles
Yoga Teacher in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Emily - Blog - Community Interview  1

Emily Abbott
Yoga Teacher in Wawa, Ontario, Canada

Emma - 30 Day Yoga Challenge Hall of Fame_edited.jpg

Emma Shanahan
Yoga Teacher in Abu Dhabi, UAE

What makes the MLPC so unique is you can practice yoga, barre, pilates, meditation or receive one-on-one coaching with us wherever you are and whenever works for you. With over 25 live classes per week on Zoom, and a library of 500+ archived, on-demand yoga, barre, pilates and meditation classes, you can make mindfulness part of every single day no matter where your travels take you! We have a global community of members - check where some of our members are participating from below:

Gretchen - Yoga teacher - Photoshoot - nature - Upward dog

Gretchen Pascalis
Yoga Teacher in French Alps

Jules - Bio

Jules Allan
Yoga Teacher and Sober Curious Community Leader in England, U.K.

Leanne - C Island - Teacher Photo

Leanne Golding
Yoga Teacher in Cayman Islands

Leigh - Meditation

Leigh Saulnier 
Yoga Teacher and Sober Curious Community Leader in Ohio, USA

Matt - Yoga Teacher - Sober Flow - pigeon pose

Matt Ellis
Yoga Teacher in England, U.K.

Meena - Yoga Teacher Photo - Calss Photo

Meena Thimmana
Yoga Teacher in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Niamh - Yoga Teacher - Sober work shop -

Niamh Dickson
Yoga Teacher in Bangkok, Thailand

Pooja - Sounding bowl - Pranayama - Mindful Alive

Pooja Chiplunkar
Pilates and Yoga Teacher in Toronto, Canada

Raquel - Kneeling pose - YTT

Raquel Navarro
Yoga Teacher in Costa Rica


Tasha Ackerman
Yoga Teacher in Minnesota, USA

Ulla - Photo - Yoga Teacher 3

Ulla Alhamad
Yoga Teacher in Germany

Yasir - Bio Photo - Beach - Soul Yas -

Yasir El Mahdi
Virtual Assistant in Abu Dhabi, UAE

What You Can Expect from MLPC Courses



No matter what your level is, and where you are along your journey, everyone belongs.

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Our teachers are passionate about what they do and teach from the heart.

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Connect with a diverse community of people from around the world and create meaningful friendships.  

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Not only do we have live Zoom programs every day, but we also have over a thousand on demand yoga classes available at your fingertips.

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Our teachers are committed to offering you the best experience possible.

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Our programs are kept small and capped at between ten-fifteen participants so that everyone has the special attention they need to thrive.

Our Offerings


Sober Curious Yoga Programs

Join the movement of people all over the world transforming their lives in Sober Curious Yoga. Alex leads a 30 Day Challenge, regular Sober Curious Yoga Classes, and a Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Training. Check out her Sober Programs and find out which one's for you. 


200 Hour and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Registered yoga teacher in a 200-Hour training with Alex McRobs, Sober Yoga Girl. Alex also offers 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings. Starting in 2022, Alex will offer one program each year on Zoom, and one program each year in Bali. 


On Demand/Live Zoom Classes 

Join us for daily classes live on Zoom, or in our on-demand library of thousands of classes.  We offer classes for every level and in every timezone. Give our different classes a try and find what works for you. 

Where Our Members are From:

We have members all over the world - literally! We have teachers and students on every single continent. Expect to make friends all around the world when you sign up for MLPC courses and programs. 

What People Say

I've been having life coaching sessions with Alex and they have been an extremely positive experience. Since I went sober over three months ago, I've been navigating a new life of better sleep, better exercise, better moods and feeling brilliant about life. However, with this new life for me has come increased ambition in my life around what I feel I can achieve. This is where Alex has been transformative for me. In just a few sessions she has totally grasped what I am trying to achieve. She is able to let me speak and then absolutely grasp the essential parts of what I am saying and thinking. She has provoked thoughts and ideas what I am then able to take on with me in the days ahead. Alex gets to know you in a way that she can help. She is funny and caring all in one, and easy to speak to and say exactly what I'm thinking, whatever the challenges. Her meditative, spiritual, and worldly views only enhance the experience. The fact that she has gone through a similar sober journey only adds to what she can offer. I always look forward to our chats, because I know I will come out of them able to face the world more clearly. 


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Matt Ellis, UK