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When We Show Up For Ourselves the Universe Shows Up for Us with Anneka Reece

In this episode, Anneka Reece returns as a guest on the show. Anneka is a health and mindset coach who specializes in helping people manifest a life of their dreams, alcohol free. In this episode, Anneka and Alex speak about how alcohol lowers your vibration and speak about strategies to raise your vibration to manifest what you dream of. Anneka has a new manifestation course launching in January 2023.

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Alex: Hi friend this is Alex McRobbs founder of the Mindful Life Practice and you're listening to the Sober Yoga Girl podcast. I'm a Canadian who moved across the world to the Middle East at age 23 and I never went back. I got sober in 2019 and I now live full-time in Bali, Indonesia. I've made it my mission to help other women around the world stop drinking, start yoga and change their lives through my online sober girls yoga Community. You're not alone and a sober life can be fun and fulfilling, let me show you how.


Alex: Hello hello, hi everyone welcome back to another episode of Sober Yoga Girl now I am super excited to be here today with Annika and Annika Reese is a sober coach. She's a good friend of mine. Um, she and I used to work and live in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at the same time. We both used to be teachers and now we've gone in this direction of doing sober coaching work which is so cool but we're in two different parts of the world. So, I'm over in Bali and Annika's over in the UK and I'm really excited to catch up with her and hear a little bit more about the extension of her journey and and what she's doing now with her work so welcome Annika. How are you?

Anneka: Hi I'm good, excited to be back on the podcast so good to see you.

Alex: So good to see you too and I, I think we recorded. So we recorded a podcast episode together. I want to say it was about a year ago and do you think it was further back than a year ago?

Anneka: No, I think it was about a year ago.

Alex: About a year ago. So I was wondering if you could start us off, so if anyone listening hasn't heard that first episode um I would encourage you to go back and hear that episode because you can hear a little bit more about annika's journey and sobriety and how she got to kind of the point where she is in her work but I was wondering if you could share with us a little bit about your journey since like in the past year what is new with you what kind of work have you been doing in the realm of sobriety.

Anneka: Oh yeah, so I don't drop a massive cliff if you like because I've had this life in Dubai with all of the kind of bells and whistles that life in divide room and I had done this quite brave thing I think which was coming back to the UK and it's something that I've been scared of for so long. I've lived in Dubai for 11 years and I was absolutely petrified at the thought of moving back to England because to me um, it was like I'd built up this big life in Dubai and I felt like I'm gonna have to start from scratch and I start all over again. Yeah, so when we last spoke I was living at my parents house um I hadn't been back that long and to be honest I was healing quite a lot of like nervous system backlash stuff from from lockdown in Dubai from, from the whole Covid situation. I'm sure many people listening to this can really resonate with, with that kind of nervous system backlash um and in what I mean by that is um I had what you would call Poor vagel's home meaning I, I would get, I'm very anxious very quickly. I'd go into fight or flight very quickly and very easily and things now that just wouldn't bother me at the time would make me feel very anxious. So, I was very aware of with all my knowledge of exactly what was going on and I knew what I needed to do, to heal this a huge part of that journey through yoga and yoga with the MLPC as well. Um so yeah, I'd kind of done this really brave jump but I also kind of landed back in England knowing that I was still wobbly on my feet and I needed to kind of heal. Do a lot of healing and feel after myself but of course at the same time I was building up my coaching business and yeah so fast forward to now, I'm now living in my own apartment in Shrewsbury which is literally everything in my manifestation listed. More like I can't believe I've got such a nice apartment in the UK. I have, I have a balcony. I mean who has those in England. Um, so yeah living in this beautiful home which I just, this time last year I didn't think I would be able to, to be doing. Uh, I've built up my client base, I have my group coaching program and I'm now sort of gearing up even more because I'm now getting ready to launch online course in January called Stop Drinking Start Manifesting. Um and I'm so excited about this because it's really bringing together the kind of mechanics behind what happened energetically to us when we stopped drinking alcohol. It looks at the Neuroscience, it looks at our um our energy field, our Aura. They look to our um the way that we manifest. How alcohol interferes with this and, and how when we stop drinking how we can really rev up that manifestation ended and start to step into the vibrations of more of what we want so I'm super excited about launching that in January.

Alex: That course sounds amazing and I love it because I feel like it lines up with something I say all the time, I write it at the end of my posts, is quit drinking you'll manifest the life of your dreams and I truly believe that and I don't really know why like I just know that when I quit drinking, my life just came together and things landed and I started manifesting literally the life of my dreams so what is it about why is alcohol a block and how does removing alcohol get you into that state of manifestation?

Anneka: Oh so alcohol is a manifestation block on so many different levels. So like the simplest first thing to say is that alcohol is the quickest way to lower your vibrations. Um anyone who's had a hangover knows firsthand what that, that big jump in vibrations feels like. It you know, we feel awful when we're hungover um and also you know once we've got past that initial buzz and we have our first drink we can actually start to feel quite dark while we are still drunk and our vibrations have actually been lowered so much when we're drinking that and pointy many spiritual um kinds of thought and to charm and direct um as well who I, I've read his book uh Spirit Hacking, um we actually become magnets with spiritual parasites. When our vibrations are that low. So, obviously we know that to manifest, we're always manifesting all the time. We can't stop manifesting manifesting, is just turning our thoughts into reality but what reality we're drawing towards us is it one that we want? Or is it one that we don't want? And when we are vibrating at a really low level we, we attract relationships, situations, um, things, events that are matching that vibration. So, you don't want to stay at that low Vibe State all the time because we're not manifesting what we want and you know you can look, I can look back at times in my life when I've been really not in a good place. I've been like quite low and then you know, I think about the friendships and the relationships are attracted with that time, I'm like well yeah it kind of like makes sense like I attracted low Vibe toxic relationships when I was feeling really low myself. So, that's the first thing but there's so much more going on as well. So, there's the neurochemistry of what alcohol is doing to your brain, how it's creating that synthetic anxiety and depression um and trapping us into feeling like it's the only thing that's going to make us feel better and actually it's making us feel worse. Um, but the the biggest thing is that alcohol really interferes with the manifestation process. The manifest we must connect more and more with our voice of intuition. Our voice of intuition in our infinite steering wheel and when we drink we cut ourselves off from our voice of intuition and we live in our the potassium catastrophe it's the voice of fear and the more we listen to up to that voice the more we create a living hell for ourselves. That, the ego tells us lies that if we listen to them for long enough, then we can make them come into fruition. Just this is with any other thoughts we have in our mind. Um, and when we stop drinking we tune back into that wonderful um inner guidance system. That we have now, one of the things that people uh, have kept people throughout for so long is that part of it in a guidance system is that we get feedback from our bodies as to whether we're going in the right direction or not so we are programmed to move towards joy of course. Had to move away from uncomfortable feelings but society's trained us to numb uncomfortable feelings. We think oh no I'm feeling like a bad quote unquote bad feeling let, let me in each of the title let me have a dream that's, that's pressing pause on your growth. Is pressing poor than your manifestation when we actually feel into those feelings however uncomfortable they might be. We realize that they've always come to tell us something they've always come with a message, with a, with a a little clue as to where to turn next in our journey and when we start working with our feelings we start honoring our most uncomfortable feelings. We start to really uh kind of grab the compass in the back of it and we'll be like well, I know I'm going. I've got more power now rather than burying my head in the sand and not going anywhere which is what we're doing when we're drinking alcohol. So that's like a brief overview as to some of the some of the reasons but there are just so many reasons.

Alex: That's so amazing and interesting and and I totally can speak to like I know, I had that experience as soon as I started raising my energy and my vibration and getting into this positive mindset. Then things just started coming towards me and I've been going through kind of a second experience of that which I was sharing with you before the episode which we'll be talking more about just about changing a lot of daily habits and doing a lot of work on myself and my nutrition and what I'm putting into my body to fuel me in a, in a healthy way and I just think it's so true that when you start taking care of yourself and doing these practices that are going to raise your vibration it starts to bring things to you.

Anneka: Absolutely, um and I also um sort of refer back to Alex how you said that you know when you first stop drinking without even knowing anything about alcohol and manifestation um that without even trying it massively you see massive shifts and this is how I first discovered it and this is why you know people like Catherine Gray have written the book The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober because when we stop taking this poison we're like Oh My God I feel amazing and oh wow good things keep happening and you start to feel a bit magical and it it does happen without without even understanding how or why but then when we understand the mechanic behind it we have it even more control and power over it.

Alex: Yeah, absolutely. So I have a question for you: if someone is listening to this episode and like doesn't know anything about manifestation, what are some simple things that they could start doing that they could easily integrate into their day to help them raise their vibration and enter that state of manifestation.

Anneka: Okay so first of all just to kind of remind everybody that we're always manifesting all the time. Um, it's, you've been doing it your whole life, you're already an expert. It's just that you're going to start observing yourself and the way that you manifest. Um so, the number one step is just to get really clear on what you want. Um so, often we're giving out mixed messages to the universe and makes messages to our subconscious mind which is our bridge to Universal intelligence. Um so, for example if you're like oh I really want to like be like super healthy and um you know have this kind of approach that's super healthy eating plan and and live and breathe hell but I also really um you know, don't want to restrict myself at all and I want to eat chocolate all the time like if you've got those two like strong desires in your head, you're basically giving your own subconscious mind and the universe really mixed messages and that's why you'll go around in circles so much and I use that as an example because I think that's quite a common one. Um, that a lot of people have and you know we've all had that cognitive dissonance with alcohol at one point you know. I really want to be sober because it's making me miserable but I also um feel that I need alcohol in some way and then it brings me some kind of benefit you know and you know as much as I do that, the first thing you do when you really break through um and crack the code with sobriety is when you really unpackly realize that there's no benefit to drinking alcohol whatsoever and then then when we really got that, then there's, then you can give that clear message out to the universe. I just want to be alcohol-free and then the path is clear ahead of you. So, the first thing is clearing that path by really getting clear on what you want and uh and kind of letting go of any cognitive dissonance that you've got and being like no, that is exactly what you want. That's what I'm moving towards and then clearing, clearing space around that so what do you need to let go of that's no longer serving you. Um, um, because you know we only have so much room in our lives. So for example, if I want to manifest like the perfect relationship but I'm dating someone who's really toxic and makes me feel rubbish about myself, like you need to get, you need to dump the guy. Clear some space, make some room for the good guy to come through because you can't just hold on to him. There's a security blanket and I hope that the other guy is going to come save you. Um so yeah, get clear. Clear some space and there are so many beautiful manifestation practices that you can do like and I'd say the internet is absolutely chocolate will be different approaches and they all work um and you don't have to do all of them, you just pick the ones that resonate with you and ultimately what you're doing is you are communicating with your subconscious mind. Um, in whatever way feels good to you. In, it whatever way you can fit into your routine. So whether that be um you know, affirmations in the morning when that the Gratitude journaling um whether that be um uh you know prayer. Um something that I love doing is um really making the most of my hypnotic states. So when we are falling asleep, when we're waking up we go into the hypnopic and the hypnagogic um stage which is basically where we go into different brain waves and we kind of slip through on the way to sleep, brain where we can slip through it into better brain wave, which is a deep hypnotic state. So, I like to snooze in the morning, you know, even if it's just for 10 minutes. Who doesn't love a Clues? But I also like to multitask so if you put them on a Post-It note, next to your bed something you really want to happen as a little reminder you're implanting that program in there um and then I just don't feel guilty about pressing snooze I'm like no I was busy uh manifesting.

Alex: I love that idea. Um I was wondering as well do you have like bedtime and morning routines because that has morning routines has recently been something that I've implemented. It's been a ripple effect of all these lifestyle changes and it's been so positive for me and so I was wondering do you practice at bedtime and morning routine?

Anneka: Routine can, it's, it's really, it's really, I like to use the word ritual because we can fall into a routine that makes the rubbish, right? But when we really consciously craft a routine and we really want to enjoy it. I think it becomes a ritual so I like to ritualize things wherever possible. Um, I also add that with the caveat but it's good to be flexible once you've got your wonderful routine. Um and not allow it to become a straight jacket, because I know in the past I've been so strict with myself around my routine it's made me just not want to do things like and take opportunities that people have given me um uh for example, to go out for dinner in the week because I'm like no I have my routine mess on my routine but it's good to be a little bit flexible but um I really like to start the day by actually um, I wake up, I have my probiotics which I have to have 10 minutes um before I have any food or drinks. So, I have my probiotics then I get back into bed and while I put a little timer on my watch and I have a snooze and do some reprogramming. One of my probiotics are going down and then I really enjoy having breakfast, foreign and I like sitting in bed and sort of think about like, thinking thoughts, think about why I'm excited about the day. Um, one great book of the day um and I've recently done my Reiki two uh accreditation, So I can be Reiki or myself now um so I love to spend that morning time charging myself up with Reiki but even if it's just for 10 minutes, depending on how long I've got but I would definitely say with morning routine for me and there's two criteria, one is it mustn't be too complicated because otherwise it starts me off on an anxious fitting. Uh, where I feel like you know, don't give yourself room to start telling yourself you're not enough. First thing in the morning because if we put too much on there and we're getting frustrated with ourselves then that's when we start saying it's not good enough like, it's not enough, like why haven't you tried harder? So keep it super simple. Um, it's aligned with like you know gratitude and manifestation um but it also has to be a bit soothing. So in the UK at the moment you know, waking up and it's dark and it's cold so it's about coasting yourself into the day um so that you feel like a bunny rabbit rather than a rabbit in the headlamps yeah yeah.

Alex: I love that a bunny rabbit rather than a rabbit in the headlamp and I, I wish honestly, when I look back on my teacher days, that I was able to construct a morning routine. I think I was just so exhausted like, I did not have enough down time in my life that I couldn't get myself up in the morning to do anything other than just like rush out the door and run um and hop in the car and like drive down the highway like, that was my morning routine like, just be stressed um and I I know now what a positive way, it sets me up for the rest of the day. If I, when I do my morning routine and so I wish that when I was teaching it could have been something that I implemented.

Anneka: Yeah and you know what these small things do make them actually different. Um I did actually start my morning routine when I was teaching because anyone who teaches in the UAE um is quite common practice to get up at 5am right because the school's starting an hour early and they're doing the UK um and you know even in the UAE which is nearly quaintive, in England it's still dark at that time in the morning and that's when I first like brought in uh like let's make a nice coffee and like sit in bed and have my breakfast with a podcast on and try and like and then I do my little meditation. That's before I was a team for Reiki. Um, but it does make such a big difference and, and I did also notice like when I was teaching the your ears you say it is very stressful there's so much pressure on teachers out there. You've been constantly scrutinized and um I used to notice that the days when I meditated before work and also then when I coupled back with doing some exercise after work oh my goodness I was so much more resilient so much more Abilene.

Alex: Yeah, it's amazing how those, those little actions can add up now, I have a question for you about so this is a conversation that I recently had with someone, someone I was speaking to had some questions about manifestation and weather it the person was wondering if it if the whole idea of the universe has your back was actually a positive message to be sending to people for example people that are bipoc or face discrimination and the universe doesn't have their back on a societal systemic um ah like a bigger picture um phrasing does that does that make sense?

Anneka: Yeah, I think there's quite a few moving parts behind that. So first of all um you know, toxic positivity is something that's come out of like watered-down manifestation theory. So, first of all I just want to explain that yes we're moving towards joy. We're moving towards High Vibe feelings but we don't do that through ignoring the dark. Like, we came into this existence to experience contrast and we, we, don't ignore uncomfortable feelings, dark feelings, dark things we, we the more. We shove them under the carpet about the worse they become we look at them, we shine light on them and we honor them. We work through them and this works on a micro level and a macro level. So, it works when we're working on ourselves but when I say macro level I really mean on a societal level you know. We don't just ignore the dark things that are happening there's go and everything's fine. The University's got your back, no we look at them, we shine a light on them and everything's an opportunity to heal when we show up for it in the right way and that's one of the things that obviously the whole Covid thing is being absolute like nightmare for so many people but let's always look at like with like everything has light and dark in it and there have been some really amazing things that have come out of lockdown and, and the perfect situation and I do think one of those things is this the whole Black Lives Matter movement. Like, I know the situation that occurred that triggered that had nothing to do with covid but I personally think that I know, I'm not alone and thinking this, that the fact that the world has kind of stopped in the way that it had it created a lot of space. Like, you know, we, we've created space to look at certain things and go hang on this is not okay. Let's look at that and you know when we were moving it um the rate that we normally move like things like this, we're just getting sweatpants the carpet. So yes, the universe always has your back, yes when we show up for ourselves, when we show up as a society, when we show up for ourselves as an individual and when we look at the dark things with, with courage, when we, when we stop being scared of the dark, when we shine a light on things, when we, when we're ready to go, yeah let's look at that, let's heal that yeah, then when we do this process, the universe always has your backers. You can always move towards the light. The light always wants to work with you, um but when we use the phrase the universe has got your back as a reason to put our head in the sand to use toxic positivity and pretend things are not happening then it's toxic so yeah that's my interpretation of it anyway.

Alex: Yeah and I and I love that, what you shared because for me um what I shared in this conversation like I'm a huge Gabby Bernstein fan. And I teach manifestation classes once a week and what I share with the person in this conversation is that for me this whole concept of like the universe has my back, it is like a prayer almost and it's a ritual that when I in previous situations where I would go into a panic spiral and be like, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, my life is over because of x y z blah blah blah. It's like a way that I regulate my nervous system. It's like the universe has my back you know? That's it. It's, I'm not saying like oh because I'm privileged everything's gonna work out. Like that's not at all what the, what it comes from. It's from me being like hang on, no matter how bad this goes it's always going to lead me to where I'm meant to be and it's like a it's a way that I manage my nervous system in times of uncertainty and chaos and stress. So, like for example there I remember when I arrived in Bali last year um the night that I arrived, my friend Kedak can be stopped at an ATM and I didn't know that in Bali the ATMs give you the money before they give you your card and most places around the world it's the other way around. It's the same yeah and so people forget their cards and ATMs literally all the time. I see it all the time on um, on social media but anyway that happened to me. I walked away without my card and I only realized like three hours later when I was um walking the street and I was like trying to buy something and I was like oh my God my card's in that ATM and I didn't even know where the ATM was because I, I was like in the car of Kedak who was my airport driver and so I'm walking down the street and this would be like an old Alex moment would be like oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, it's over. Bali's over. I'm not gonna have the money to fly back. This is a sign from the universe but I need to leave blah blah but I'm walking on streets like expect miracles. The universe has your back and you know this is like self-coaching to calm myself down and then I literally just happened to cross to walk past Kedak who like owned a bar on the street and he's like where are you going? And I'm like well I lost, I left my card in that ATM. He's like oh okay, let me take you and I get on the back of his motorbike and um there happened to be two people dissembling the ATM and were able to give me my card and um says to me he's like you are so lucky because I always just do like the most crazy things like then I, I ordered a phone online and like transferred money to like literally a stranger and Kedak was like completely freaking out like, you just got scammed. I'm like the universe has my back, it's fine and he's like you're so lucky and and I'm just like no it's just, it's a way of of approaching the problems in my life that's all it is and anyone can do it no matter where like your whatever your um ethnicity is whatever your background is whatever your level of economic privileges it's it's like a way that you can view the cards that are being dealt to you right we can't really control the cards that are being dealt to us but it's a way that we can I guess receive them.

Anneka: 100% um absolutely the universe does not discriminate but that say that it's easier for some than others to initially get going with this. We can all get going with it but this is where the kind of light and dark comes in because when we really want to up level our manifestation power there's a lot of healing that comes with that too really like the more we heal, the more we ramp up our power and of course if you uh depending on like your cultural background and basically the generational trauma, that's been passed down to you through epigenetics, through the generations like yeah some people's start point is, is, is further ahead than others. Um um but it doesn't mean that you can't like, accelerate and take over people that started ahead of you. Like, we all have healing available to us and thank goodness because of the, the rise of communication via the Internet. There's so much content out there. Free content on podcasts and things where we can all learn about the different modalities towards doing this. So um you know, the universe is not discriminate. Unfortunately, you know there are, there are lots of unfair things in the world but we as far as I understand, it, we all came to into this Human Experience to experience contrast um and we all the more and more and more learn about spirituality and manifestation the more you just start to see like we've kind of, we've kind of come here because we're sort of playing like a virtual reality video game in our lives on, on Earth and it is a game like let's see how much can I heal? How much can I learn, how much can I grow, how much can I up level but this is just the game because at the end of the day we're all going back to the same place which is that Universal Consciousness that we all came from.

Alex: Okay, I have a question for you because you mentioned generational trauma and that's also become an interest of mine right now um just working on healing generational trauma so how would someone heal their generational trauma?

Anneka: Oh, there are so many different modalities. So, actually I was uh, yes just yesterday I had Jamie Lee Gray somewhere podcast um, I don't know if any of you may have heard of her? She's a kind of social um social sober advocate in the UK. She went into the sober cup. She does something called uh Family Constellations which is this really powerful healing legality. It needs to be done in Workshop environment where you can, oh it's just so powerful and you've done a whole episode on it if anyone fancies listening. Um, I'll be releasing it on this Monday coming. Um, so that was that Monday the 24th October. Um, there's a really good book actually on generational trauma called It Didn't Start with You, I want to say if I Mark somebody Mark Wahlberg or Mark someone um, I'll email Alex the actual name. She can pop it in the show note um, but there's no one way so let's just be, let's just remind ourselves that all of this Universal intelligence that is available to us. It all came from the same place and we're all channels to that intelligence. So, there are so many different modalities out there for, for finding healing.Um, but never give your power away to it and think that, oh I can't do it and I need this thing to help me, no do what lights you up. Um, but there are many different avenues to the same goal of healing. Um, you know, you can shift and heal this kind of stuff with Reiki. Um, it's something that I'm really enjoying doing. Reiki or myself I now offer a remote Reiki to clients as well um but again um that's one modality that's really powerful and worse. So, many different ones but yeah so my main ones at the moment that I'd recommend would be uh Reiki and um family constellations. Um, but also just going into deep meditation. Um asking to connect with your Spirit guides and, and giving up that you know the, the request like let me see my generational trauma like let me, let me heal it um and just becoming curious and there I mean there are lots of books out there on it yeah so a bit of a rambly answer.

Alex: No, I, I love that and um I had this amazing hypnotherapy experience around generational trauma, which I had like zero. It's so funny because I went into the whole thing with like zero intention of doing any of this. The actually, the whole reason I went was because I was hosting a retreat in Bali last month and um I had a new hypnotherapist because Khalid who I work with a lot was unable to do this event. So he recommended his friend and I was like, okay well I'm just gonna go do a session with her to make sure she's like good before I um bring her on to my retreat, right? So, I had no expectations, no intention, nothing at the top of my mind of like I need to heal this, like deep thing. I just was like I want to, I want to eat less junk food and this was kind of around the time of all of this huge stuff in motion with the naturopath and whatever I think I was like, I want to stop going out to restaurants. I don't even think I said junk food, I think it was like I just want to stop going out and eating all my meals at restaurants and it literally you think that this has nothing to do with like your father's childhood and all of a sudden you're like hypnotized and you're like in this room with like your four-year-old dad in like you know, uh trousers and a white collared shirt and you're like oh my God. Like, this just runs so much deeper than this unconscious moment of me going out to eat all my meals at restaurants and um yeah, it's just really really fascinated me how, how deep our patterns are rooted in that generational history but also the power that we have to, to rewrite that and heal that. So, I'm absolutely I wrote down, I have little books to read list and I didn't it didn't start with you. It is on that list now.

Anneka: Amazing and yeah hypnotherapy is so powerful. Um, I mean it's, it's funny because before I understood um much about hypnotherapy, like before I, I say woke up uh it's a quick fix and they didn't want to deal with the problem. Um, but uh you know that's because I, the only thing I knew about hypnotherapy was just stuck on the TV and now I know so much more about it. Like, I know I'll definitely train in it at some point. Um, it's, it's, it's the motherboard of where everything happens. Like, we we manifest from our subconscious mind. Like, our subconscious is everything um and all of these different healing modalities they're just different ways of helping me to rewire subconscious and yeah absolutely incredible and actually so much of manifestation practice is using hypnosis. Um, you know when yeah I'm not watching the news like we're hypnotized every time we watch the television and when we watch films our subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and Imagination. So, if you're watching horror movies before we go to bed, like you, that you're putting these programs in your brain like that we're not safe, it's not good for your nervous system. Um, so yeah I'm a big big fan of hypnosis and there's just so many different ways you can access hypnosis, you know. through a therapist one-to-one it can do so much of it online now you can buy um you know recordings it's it's really powerful.

Alex: Um, so tell us about, so you have your Stop Drinking Start Manifesting program coming up um, I know you kind of told us a little bit about that at towards the start of the episode, so when is that program starting?

Anneka: Okay, so the program starts um after the first week of January. So, in the first week of January. I'll be running a free Workshop um just to get everyone, I know that so many people you know, January's the month, isn't it when you start, it's the month or even if you don't want to stop drinking forever. It's a month where many of us are ready to just, to give our call a bit of a rest and it's a month where we, I think we all need a lot of support with that because it's a hard one sometimes. So, I'm going to be running a free workshop um in that first week of January to give everyone a bit of support and tips and tricks um and then of course if you like what you have experienced in that workshop then you can sign up to to the course which will start after the first week of January and it's going to have some different facets to it. So, number one um I'll be sending you weekly videos. So, the weekly videos are like self-directed where I work through them in one time. Um, with each module also comes a workbook which has got like journaling questions in. It's quite pretty so if you want to print off and like fill it in um with my stationery candy but you can also just use it um on your laptop as a journal prompt to write a new Journal. Um, and then there's also um hypnosis um meditation, um audios that come with it as well um and then there's a weekly live Q&A. Um so, every um, I haven't conference yet either be every Thursday or Friday evening. Um, there will be a live Q&A where you can kind of join um, join the zoom link and like talk about how things are going. Ask me questions, um but my whole aim with this course is you know dry. I mean I hate the term dry January is so depressing. There's absolutely nothing right about dry January. This is about making a magical January because when you, when you reframe uh letting go of alcohol and you start to apply the abundance approach instead of working from latency and you start to understand spiritually and energetically what's happening to your, to you. Then it just becomes like such a magical process and and I'm just really excited to guide people through the first six weeks of 2023. So that you know I don't even need news and solutions in the same way we're reframing them. We're like well they're going to be making manifestation there so we're going to be showing you just how magical and Powerful you are when you start to understand how this all works.

Alex: Love that. That sounds amazing. I'm 100% interested in that all right so and is it only for people that are in early stages sobriety or can you do it at any point in sobriety?

Anneka: Good question um, so the way I've designed it is that if for example you were on the um early stages of sobriety or you you just want to stop in January and you're going to be drinking on Christmas it's designed so that I will like be able to hold your hand through that process but because so much of it is about manifestation and the way alcohol affects this manifestation even if you've been sober for a long time, you're going to be learning all of that theory. Um and you'll be like oh actually, I can now retrospectively look back at when I gave up alcohol and I can go yeah yeah okay yeah that is what happened that makes sense that makes sense. So, you can apply it on yourself retrospectively and of course um you know we're always manifesting. So, you could choose that, you could use that course in January as a revision of why I love being sober which is always a good thing to do to keep our sobriety safe but also a royal rocket fuel into your manifestation practice and like okay now I've got this clarity about what how this works now let me read really turn up the volume so it's a great way to start the year off with a real pal.

Alex: Amazing, amazing. Well, Annika this has been such an amazing episode. We've had such great conversations around manifestation and the nature of it and different practices that I know that anyone listening to the show is going to take Great Value from and I really appreciate you taking your time to be on the show today.

Anneka: Thanks so much and actually just before I go anyone that is interested in um joining my course if you send me an email to and Anna Carousel a double n e k a um then you can get on the wait list. I'll make sure you get all the upcoming Communications around the course you can contact me on Instagram as well at protein by Annika and my website is Yeah.

Alex: Amazing, amazing.

Anneka: Thank you so much, catch that with you Alex.

Alex: You too. take care.

Anneka: Thank you, take care.

Alex: Hi friend, thank you so much for listening to this episode of Sober Yoga Girl podcast. This community wouldn't exist without you here. So thank you. It would be massively helpful if you could subscribe, leave a review and share this podcast so it can reach more people. If we haven't met yet in real life please come get your one week free trial of the Sober Girls Yoga membership and see what we're all about. Sending you love and light wherever you are in the world.


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