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Rachel Brady

First and foremost, Rachel is blessed to be mum to 3 kids. She describes herself as a yoga teacher and a holistic life coach, as well as a digital creator with a podcast, YouTube channel and blog.

Rachel’s passion is helping people, other mums in particular, achieve better mental health through spiritual and self-care practices. She credits her yoga practice, sobriety and lots of inner work on being the happiest she has ever been, despite living with several mental health challenges herself.

After years of emotional instability and issues around alcohol, Rachel finally feels that she is on the right path to true health and happiness within. Over this past year, after a period of sober curiosity that lasted a good 5 years she finally committed to sober life, was diagnosed with ADHD and then Bipolar 2 and Emotional Unregulated Disorder.

Instead of being hindered by these diagnoses, Rachel feels empowered and like she has never been clearer in exactly who she is, why she is how she is, and what makes her happy. This is a constant work in progress and one she is committed to for life.

Her purpose is now to help others on their own journey to better mental health and healing.

Rachel’s style of yoga is suitable for beginners, and is focussed on feeling safe and connected - cultivating an awareness of what you actually need in that moment. It offers a balanced approach of gentle flow and restorative yoga. She is a 200HR registered yoga teacher who is training towards her 300HR in 2022 and also studying her Sober YTT with The Mindful Life Practice.

Rachel is happily married and lives in the picturesque Peak District National Park in a renovated farmhouse with her family and pets.

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