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Lisa Ryan



March 13, 2022

About Me

Alcohol free since September 2014, I am passionate about exercise, wellness and living life with enthusiasm and gratitude. These are passions that I want to share with you!

I am a Certified Coach with This Naked Mind and a Certified Gray Area Drinking Master Coach, trained by Jolene Park. I am a Certified Sober Curious Yoga Mentor.

A long-term daily drinker, my alcohol consumption increased dramatically in my 40s as I tried to cope and self-medicate through life. Along with a lack of self-worth, my anxiety skyrocketed, and my physical and mental health suffered. I realised that I had forgotten what brought me joy and serenity in life. I turned my life around practicing mindfulness, finding exercise and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. I don’t consider myself in “recovery”, rather as in perpetual discovery.

With me as your coach, let’s put your mental and physical health first and explore new ways to replenish and nurture your dysregulated nervous system, including grounding and centering practices.

I am based in Australia and engage with people from across the globe. Appointment times will suit anyone in Australia, however, for more times, please feel free to email me as I am very flexible and have availability for USA and UK times.


I have been trained by Jolene Park as a Gray Area Drinking Master Coach and I am a Certified Coach with the This Naked Mind Institute. Certificates can be provided.

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