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Ahimsa (non-violence)

The first yama of yoga is ahimsa (non-violence.) Ahimsa was the first theme of @themindfullifepractice founders club for month one, March 2022. We discussed this topic in depth at our private founders club Soul Space Discussion on Saturday. What does it mean to practice and embody non-violence?

The second yama is satya, or truth. This is the theme for month two of the founders club, April 2022. Satya asks us to always live the truth and speak the truth.

If you forget all other 196 yoga sutras, just remember these two. Love everyone and tell the truth.

However, a topic we discuss often in my community and YTTs is: at what point do we draw the line on truth? “Well it’s the truth” is never an excuse to cause harm.

I love the lesson we often taught when I was an elementary school teacher, and I think it applies here: Before you speak, ask yourself the following questions:

T- is it true? H - is it helpful? I - is it inspiring? N - is it necessary? K - is it kind?

And put so simply here: “Knowing when your voice is not needed in a conversation is an important form of discernment.” —- Reminder that registration for the Founders Club ends on March 31, 2022, and won’t open again until March 1st, 2023. So if you want to get in, get in NOW!! The founders club is an exclusive club to strengthen the bonds of our community. It’s all about yoga OFF the mat and includes: weekly meditations with me every other week coffee & friends with me every other week mocktails with me once a month yoga philosophy chat with me (Soul Space Discussion) private group on the MLPC app to connect

Crown Chakra members or annual members get a free MLPC sweater with the new branding (they’re almost done and ready to be sent out - just putting on final touches - thanks for your patience Crown Chakra Members!)

This is your most intimate way to hang with me - with only 28 members it’s much more private than my 18.3k Instagram Community! It’s lowest price is $4 a session. And the funds support the MLPC to keep us going during this transition phase. We so appreciate your support!

Come hang out - can’t wait to meet you IRL on Zoom!

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