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Connection Yoga Party!

Happy International Yoga Day! Join us next Sunday June 27th, in celebration with our 5th FREE Yoga Party themed around connection. Connection to ourselves, connection to our bodies, minds and spirits. Get to enjoy our new named classes with your favorite teachers and old classes. The party will kick-off at 4pm Abu Dhabi (1PM UK / 8am Toronto). Invite all your friends and family.

Here’s the list of the sessions and teachers:

-Sober Curious Community Check-In with Alex

-Mindful Flow 1 with Shavon

-Mindful Sweat with Lindsay

-Mindful Flow 2 with Alex

-Mindful Empower with Sarah H

-Mindful Flow & Let Go with Gillian

-Mindful Alive with Pooja

-Mindful Mantras with Pooja

-Mindful Let Go with Marie Christine

-Mindful Anchor with Jules

Book now!

See you on the mat ✨🙏🏻❤️

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