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Only Two Days Left to Join the #SOBERGIRLSYOGA Challenge!

Have you been considering a sober summer? If you've attended Alex's classes or follow her on Instagram, you know how open and inspirational she is about her sobriety, and the good news is that this summer, her supportive community will only grow. She's going to continue to share her journey with others on the same path by expanding her #SOBERGIRLSYOGA classes! And, if you're up for it, explore sobriety with a 30-day challenge! Starting in July, the following programs will be offered:


A 30-Day "Sober Girls Yoga Challenge" - for sober-curious women. Explore giving up booze for a month and taking up a consistent yoga practice. See how your life changes!

-Sober Yoga Classes three times per week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays - exclusive for sober women

-A once per week sober women's circle on Saturdays: perfect time to share with your sober sisters!

Please note that Alex is a certified life coach and has personal experience in this area, with over a year alcohol free - however #SOBERGIRLSYOGA is not a replacement for AA, rehabilitation or substance addiction counseling. If you think you have a serious addiction and need any of these services, #SGY might not be the program for you. It can, however, be a wonderful compliment to any other programs you might be a part of. 

Find a community within the Mindful Life Practice Community - you may end up on the path you never know you needed to get to till now. 🖤

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