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Community Interview #9: Ewa

Meet Ewa. Pronounced “EH- vuh”. Ewa is one of our friends in North America, more specifically Canada. Accompanied by her daughter Emily in classes, who was the link to Alex and the MLPC. Emily and Alex were briefly roommates when they were attending Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The mother and daughter duo joined us in December 2020 for our ninth 30 day challenge.

Ewa likes how convenient the classes with the MLPC are that she’s considering canceling her gym membership. She enjoys attending sessions like Yin Yoga, Hath/Pranayama, & Slow Flow. She also loves taking Pooja’s classes because she likes that Pooja’s interactive style of teaching and clear instructions are improving her practice.

I got the opportunity to asked Ewa the blog questions and here’s what she had to say....

Hi Ewa! Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who is Ewa?

Ewa: I am a middle aged women, who works in social services field and enjoys astrophotography. I am not very fit, but really like yoga.

What inspired you to start practicing yoga?

Ewa: I remember the very first time I did a downward dog. It was a very different experience. It has been over 10 years ago. Since than I have been doing it intermitted. Mostly enjely oyed hot yoga, but due to covid it’s not offered. The more I do it the more I like it. I like the mood it puts me in and the flexibility and strength that I am gaining in a gentle yoga way.

What’s your connection to the MLPC?

Ewa: Emily introduced me to it, she went to school with Alex.

How did you end up being so committed to yoga?

Ewa: I really enjoy it and feel much better after each practice. I like that you are good where you are, there is no comparing with others.

Did you face any challenges during the month of February?

Ewa: Mostly at work, which is very very stressful.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve reaped from your yoga practice?

Ewa: Am calmer, can let go and more flexible, my knees hurt much less, no back pain, lol.

What’s your favorite posture?

Ewa: Shavasana and shoulder stand.

What’s your most difficult posture?

Ewa: Several, I have very little arm strength, cannot do the warm.

What is your favorite type(s) of yoga? And why?

Ewa: Like slow flow, yandra, vinyasa, I think Pooja is amazing.


Thank you so much to Ewa! It’s always nice having you and your daughter joining our classes. Glad you’re part of our community.

Make sure to leave a comment or a question for Ewa in the comment section below.

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Until next time, may you all be safe, happy, healthy, and free.


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