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The Many Styles of MLPC Yin

We have four different teachers who teach Yin for @THEMLPC - Nicola, Leslie, Alex and Erin. Read more about their different styles of yoga below!

Erin teaches Yin for the MLPC on Saturdays at 8:00pm and is currently subbing classes for Leslie on Mondays at 9:00 am. Read about Erin's style here:

Saturday evening yin with Erin is a deeply restorative practice that balances and relaxes the entire body. Each week we go on a journey to connect more deeply with our inner selves and begin to heal from the inside out. Yin relieves stress and anxiety while opening the body to allow space for all that is meant for our lives. Classes focus on allowing the nervous system to rest while we work on replenishing and restoring the energy lines in the body. Each class focuses on a different aspect of the physical and emotional body. Practices are often connected to environmental factors such as the seasons and astrology. Modifications are offered and the teacher will be there to support you each step of the way through the sequences. Yin allows you to open, connect and heal. Classes leave you feeling more energised, grounded and relaxed!

Nicola teaches Yin & Meditation on Fridays at 5:30pm. Read about Nicola's style below!

"Many of us live our lives in the fast lane with Yang-like gym routines, long working hours & competitive activities

Through this slow moving, stress relieving, passive practice we internally explore the connection between mind, body and breath, harnessing the means to recuperate and recharge your prana.

Nicola’s style of Yin - dulgence, is relaxing & restorative, cultivating inner peace through meditation.

By holding poses for longer periods you improve flexibility and mobility to the body, quieten your mind as you sink deeper into a bath of Yin."

Leslie teaches yin on Mondays in the morning. Here is some info about Leslie's style!

Monday Morning yin with Leslie is a gentle, but invigorating, way to start your day.

Classes are usually themed around a posture or area of the body. This gives us a way to experience the benefits of more challenging postures in a gentle, relaxed, and simplified way. It also helps us to develop a deeper understanding of the different aspects and target areas that each of these postures involves.

Different breathing techniques are introduced and encouraged to enhance your practice and to build up a toolbox of breathing strategies you can use at any time. Ample time is given in order to allow you to connect more deeply with your experience and to learn to tune in to increasingly subtle sensations in your body and mind.

Alex teaches Yin at 8pm on Tuesdays. Here's some information about Alex's style of teaching!

Alex's yin classes are themed on yoga philosophy. She will take a term from the yoga sutras, such as "Ahimsa" which means nonviolence, and story tell around the theme. Her poses will often be deep, hip opening shapes such as pigeon. She'll often lead you through a relevant meditation or pranayama practice. You'll leave the practice having had a deep reflection and feeling renewed.

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