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Twelve Tips for Becoming a Sober Yoga Entrepreneur

In this episode, I share with you my top twelve tips for becoming a Sober Yoga Entrepreneur. If you are someone who wants to build an online business, quit your job, and work remotely - this episode is for you. I share my tips for how I went from being a Grade One Teacher to a Sober Yoga Girl working remotely in Bali in less than two years!

I'm coming soon with a Sober Yoga Entrepreneur Program - after several different evolutions, redesigns, trials, and errors, I now have THE best recipet to support you in building your business. Watch this space!

Listen here!

If you do want to sign up for the Sober Girls Yoga membership and get the discount - make sure you do it before April 30th. If you get the monthly membership for 33/month (regular $50/month) you get to enter the competition to win a free retreat in Bali with Alex. If you get the annual membership for 396/year (regular $600/year) you get five competition entries, AND a free #sobergirlsyoga bracelet! Register at

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