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Yoga Party 2020 - for International Yoga Day!

Come Celebrate International Yoga Day with our team of Yoga Teachers from all over the world! It will truly be an "International" day of yoga. The party starts at 4pm Dubai Time and carries on until 8pm! Each teacher will have a 20 minute window of time to teach their style of class and we'll seamlessly transition from one style of yoga to the next.

If you can't stay for the full four hours, no problem. Join when you like & leave when you like!


4:00-4:20 Alex McRobs (Abu Dhabi)

Center In & Warming Up the Spine

4:20-4:40 Hug Saleh (Halifax, Canada)


4:40-5:00 Priscilla Van Rooyen (Taiwan)

Gentle Flow

5:00-5:20 Leslie Jennings (Dubai)

Odaka Flow

5:20-5:40 Shavon McCown (Maryland, USA)

Vinyasa Flow

5:40-6:00 Alex McRobs (Abu Dhabi)

Mindful Barre

6:00-6:20 Marc Leblanc (Kingston, Canada)


6:20-6:40 Gill Brown (Kingston, Canada)

Vinyasa Yoga

6:40-7:00 Rawan Alawnah (Kuwait)

Stress Release Flow

7:00-7:20 Kat Owens (Michigan, USA)

Gentle Flow

7:20-7:40 Erin Gaesser (Abu Dhabi)

Yin Yoga

7:40-8:00 Alex McRobs (Abu Dhabi)

Wind Down & Savasana

Stick around afterwards from 8:15-9:15 for Roll & Release to recover with Sara Botsford (Abu Dhabi). Roll & Release will be free tonight as a special - book separately on our App!

Here's a little sneak preview of what to expect:

It can be booked on our website:! Can't wait to see you!

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