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Yoga Sutra 2.13: Choose Love over Fear

2.13 Sati mule tad vipako jaty ayur bhogah

  • sati = being present / existing

  • mule = root / cause

  • tad = that / these

  • vipako = fruits of / consequences of action

  • jaty = state of life / quality

  • ayur = life span / duration

  • bhogah = resulting experience / type of experience

Sutra 2.12 explains that every action we have taken in our past contributes to how our life is now.

Sutra 2.13 takes this further, and explains that the thoughts that we allow to plant and grow in our lives impact state of life, span of life, and our experience of life.

Let’s talk about the example of being a business owner. For me, it’s been either famine or feast. Gone are the days of a predictable income every month - it’s either wealth is abundant or the cash flow is stagnant.

What I’ve learned in the last year and a half since I quit my job, is that my thoughts around the situation create the situation. If I plant a seed of worry about the business & money in my mind, it grows into a state of anxiety. When I continue to hold this state of anxiety for a long period of time, it will continue to cultivate anxiety, fear and stress - which impacts my experience.

In one of my favorite books, “The Universe Has Your Back,” (By Gabby Bernstein - who I am seeing speak live next month in NYC with my mom !! EEE!)

Gabby says, “Always choose love over fear every second of every day.”

When I start to spiral into fear, it impacts the way I connect with people, interact with people, and how I think about people.

But when I am able to plant seeds of love in my mind - it impacts my state of life, span of life, and experience of life - just like Pantajali says in his sutras.


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