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Sutra 2.18

Sutra 2.18

We don’t realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace. - Elizabeth Gilbert

2.18 Prakas kriya sthiti silam bhutendriyatmakam bhogapavargartham drsyam

What can be perceived has three attributes: activity (kriya), steadiness (sthiti) and illumination (prakasha).

As explained in Sutra 2.17, there are two different things interacting. Purusha (your soul) and Prakriti (what you experience in the external world.)

Suffering is a result of you confusing YOU (purusha) with the experiences you have (prakriti.)

As my teacher Rolf writes, “We are like a wave that has forgotten the ocean. Our task is to feel our way back into the ocean and to live from that connection,”

We desire certain things (raga), we avoid other things (dvesha). As a result all of our experiences cause emotions and feelings. These emotions take us on spirals and journeys, highs and lows.

Anything we experience can be active (Kriya), resting (sthiti), or in a state of equilibrium between the two (Prakasha). When you mix up experiences (prakriti) with your awareness of them (purusha) you believe that the outside world is your identity. This is basically becoming materialistic & being wrapped up in the outside world. On the other hand, if you allow all things in the outside world to just be vehicles taking you towards knowing, clarity and peace on the inside world - then you can find freedom from misidentification, misperceptions, and opinions.

But what if we perceived life as happening for us - not against us?

What if we perceived everything as ultimately leading us to the destination of joy - and liberation?

What if we looked at every obstacle, every stop along the way - as a lesson? As an opportunity to learn more about ourselves?

This is Sutra 2.18.

This is our practice of yoga.

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